London Hyperbaric Medicine

London’s leading Hyperbaric facility for all emergency and elective Hyperbaric Oxygen services in London and southeast England.

Incorporating: Divers Emergency Service -UK – Providing 24/7, confidential medical advice and NHS funded treatment to professional and recreational SCUBA divers suffering from decompression illness (treatment for the bends or DCI) and

The Hyperbaric and Wound Healing Centre, serving all of London’s leading hospitals and national emergency referral agencies.


The London Hyperbaric Chamber at Whipps Cross University Hospital is London’s leading medical facility with a modern multi-place recompression chamber for diving accidents. Emergency tel: 07999 292 999

Great Yarmouth

The East of England Hyperbaric Unit is also part of the DES-UK group with a recompression chamber located at James Paget University Hospital in Great Yarmouth, which is staffed by a highly qualified team. Emergency tel: 01493 603151 (Duty doc.)

DCI Treatment and More

Both our chambers provide a one-stop-shop for medical advice, all diving medicals, treatment for DCI, dry dives (chamber dives) and educational courses. Our team consists of qualified, competent and diver-friendly professionals. All supervisors and most nurses and doctors are active divers.

This website includes information about decompression illness, avoiding it, symptoms and treatment of the bends. You can also browse all the courses, book a medical or a dry dive and learn about our team. We have an active community and encourage you to join our facebook page, follow us on Twitter and read our blog, all of which will allow you to chat directly to us and post your comments and questions.

Always remember, you’re better safe than sorry – As the symptoms for DCI are so diverse, any symptom that cannot be readily explained after diving or other hyperbaric exposure should be assumed to be DCI until proven otherwise. If you suspect that you, or anyone diving with you, has DCI or the Bends, call Divers Emergency Service on Tel. 07 999 292 999.

Non-Emergency Enquiries:
020 8539 1222

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London Hyperbaric Medicine,
Whipps Cross University Hospital,
Leytonstone, London,
E11 1RG.

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General Enquiries

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8539 1222

Training Enquiries

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8539 1222

Medical Enquiries

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 8539 1222

Divers Emergency Service

24 hrs a day: +44 (0) 7 999 292 999