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Divers urged to support anti-shark finning campaign

Courtesy of Sportdiver magazine

Divers have been urged to support a Facebook campaign set up in a bid to ward people off consuming shark fin soup this Chinese New Year.

Conservationists, NGOs and thousands of individuals have so far changed their Facebook profile picture to that of a traditional paper cut with the Chinese New Year message asking people to celebrate the event without shark fin soup.

The campaign, launched on 26 January in anticipation of the Chinese New Year, was initiated by shark conservation group Project: FIN and dive forum ScubaSG.com.

Within 3 days, word for the campaign spread to a global level. More than 20 organisations from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Africa, the US and Europe have joined the campaign, turning the local campaign to an international movement for sharks.

Shark fin soup originated from China hundreds of years ago. It has only been commercially popularised in the last 30 years. During this short time, the consumption of sharks has already caused a steep decline in shark numbers.

Unlike most fish, sharks take many years to become sexually mature and produce few young. This makes over-fishing a particular danger.

Back the campaign and change your Facebook profile with the image attached.