First Hydrotherapy Discover Scuba Diving Session

Elaine Barnes and Kevin Gates, from Diverse Scuba in Essex , kindly gave up their time for free and floated full sets of scuba kit in the hydrotherapy pool for the kids to jump into. After a pre-dive briefing and in water practise, all were breathing underwater and doing handstands. Some even managed somersaults! There were big smiles all round and not just from the kids. We also had a plucky snorkeller, who learnt a good few skills from Kevin and spent almost as much time underwater.

Hydrotherapy usually involves the Bad Ragaz and Halliwick methods, which use water assisted and resisted techniques to aid gaining range or improving strength. But we used an introduction to scuba diving or snorkelling to encourage participation, exercise and lots of joint movement against resistance in water. All in a nearly weightless non impact environment. Perfect!

Someone said: ‘Never have the tiles on the floor of the pool been so interesting!’

Thank you to Kirsty and Liam and their Mums for agreeing to us using these photos!

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