DAN Instructor Trainer gains experience at our London Recompression Chamber

Recently,  Divers Emergency Service recompression chamber unit at Whipps Cross Hospital, London was pleased to welcome Morne Christou, a Chamber Operator Instructor Trainer for DAN (Divers Alert Network). Morne visited us to gain experience, so we were in fact training the trainers so to speak!

He was to get some more experience in how a large HBO chamber runs its treatments and also get an insight into some of the maintenance work we do. He spent the week under the watchful eye of Lee Griffiths and got the chance to work with all our staff.

It was a busy week when he was here, with 7 divers and 6 ‘routines’ (non-diving and non-emergency medical treatments) being treated. Morne did very well and was impressed by what we did.

His comments on the visit:

“Please accept my compliments for the supportive role you played when I visited the London Hyperbaric Centre  at the Whipps Cross University Hospital in September to learn more about your facility. Your effort to further my knowledge is greatly appreciated and will definitely help my efforts to improve the competence of chamber attendants & operators at remote chamber locations. If every chamber facility were to commit themselves with the same level of enthusiasm you expressed during my visit, DAN would undoubtedly have confidence to refer injured divers to more chamber locations.

Having been guided by you around your chamber facility, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with your operations and personnel. On rare occasions have I ever viewed a more efficient, smooth running, and clean chamber facility such as yours. I was particularly impressed with the procedures you have implemented to monitor safety and provide a professional emergency service to divers in need.

All your staff members were extremely courteous and enthusiastic to teach me as much as possible within a short period of time. I would be most appreciative if you would extend a special thank you from me to all the staff.

Thank you for giving your time! It has been a great help to me and will definitely benefit DAN in the future.

Yours in safe diving, Morne Christou”
This was an important visit for us as we are a DAN Preferred Provider and have close working links with them. DAN are often the first name that comes up when divers are asked about emergency planning and a name that is familir to divers all over the world.

Morne Christou also commended our emergency hotline for divers, which operates nationally providing 24 hour advice and referral for divers who suspect DCI.


For more information about DAN courses provided by DES or our status as a DAN preferred provider, please contact us.