Dry Dive November 2011

On Saturday we played host to another excited bunch who wanted to join us in the chamber for a dry dive. Joining instructor Wayne Ford and the rest of the team were some members of Harlow BSAC Club, Kay Mcginley, John Skipper, Alan Harman, Nick Costen, Paul Surridge and Lorna Crump, plus David Watchorn and Carman Devlin from Luton BSAC.

During the session the divers had a briefing covering safety and what they could expect, then went in the chamber to a depth of 40m and underwent tests to see what level of impairment they experienced from nitrogen narcosis.

As usual there were many laughs but some valuable lessons were also learnt.

David sent us this email:

“Hi Wayne, Just a quick note to thank you for Saturdays dry dive. Carmen and I found it both great fun and useful. I have spoken to a number of other divers, and recommended that they also partake in the session. They seem very interested, Carmen, even wants to come again!”