Dry dive in the Hyperbaric Chamber Jan 2012

Dry dive Planet Scuba in hyperbaric chamberOn Sunday the 22nd January 2012, the hyperbaric chamber once again played host to a group of divers wanting to experience a dry dive.


The group came from Planet Scuba and included Rebecca Heanes, Debbie Schwaner, Angela  & Jade Allen, Steve Cox, Paul Bennett, Simon Heanes and Peter Jacks.


After a safety briefing and tour, the group went in the chamber and were taken down to 40 metres. As always, the squeaky voices and compulsory outfits combined with the effects of nitrogen narcosis had everybody smiling, although many serious facts were learnt at the same time.

Instructor Wayne Ford said ” Once again Steve Manton sent an enthusiastic group of divers and thanks to their great attitude and sense of fun, a great time was had by all”dry dive in hyperbaric chamber london

Don’t forget, more details about dry dives are on our website under  dry diving