Aquapigs Dry Dive – Hyperbaric Chamber Feb 2012

dry dive theoryWell, while Britain shivered in the big freeze and only the brave were getting wet, Aquapigs from Essex took the wise decision of getting their diving fix without having to put on layers of undersuits by taking part in a dry dive.

Wayne Ford hosted the enthusiastic bunch on Sunday February 12th at our London Hyperbaric Chamber and everyone was glad to get in out of the cold.

After an orientation to the dive chamber, everyone went inside to experience going to 40 metres in a very different way to usual.

Once ‘down’ everyone was able to feel the effects of pressure and nitrogen narcosis on their bodies and have a bit of a laugh at each others’ expense as well.

After returning to the ‘surface’ everyone chatted about the changes to their voices, how they felt and the tests they had done at depth.

Aquapigs had a great time, we thank them for coming and hope to see them again soon.