Dry diving with In2Scuba at the Hyperbaric Chamber

Dry diving On Feb 18th the hyperbaric chamber once again threw open its small round door to a group of enthusiastic dry divers, this time visiting from In2Scuba.

In the group were A Harris, G Ralph, J Macnamara, G Harris, V Ralph, C Crockett and L Lovell and they were taken through experience by our dry dive guru Wayne Ford.

The dry dive began in the unit with an orientation to the chamber and a discussion of what was going to happen. Topics covered include increased pressure, nitrogen narcosis, the bends and hyperbaric treatment.

Once in the chamber, there was the usual mix of amazement  and laughter as everyone experienced the effects of nitrogen narcosis, pressure and gases.

In2Scuba dry dive

Everyone went away having learnt a great deal and also having had the most fun you can without even getting a toe wet..

Anyone interested in taking part in a dry dive can contact us directly at the chamber on 020 8539 1222