Haslemere sub aqua club….. Part of the SAA. Based in Haslemere just south of Guildford.

Another dry dive done and dusted.

Well thanks to Fox, another fantastic and enthusiastic bunch of divers. The interaction from these guys was amazing and really made for a really good day.

After a dive brief, we were on our way to 40 metres.

As for narcosis, to be truthful the club did the skills at depth very well. There was a few signs of euphoria leaking through on the maths.

Decompression using O2, and after 35 minutes we were all back on the surface, discussing the state of us a depth.

Everyone interacted on the bend watch, a few decompression lectures and videos and it was job done.

Thanks to everyone:

M Hutton, K Davies, M Trussler, P Mayne, L Lumb, P Boothby, N Shemmans, C Shemmans and special thanks to Foxy, for arranging the day.