Adventures in Diving from Chelmsford Dry Dive – Hyperbaric Chamber Apr 2012

What a great evening was had by all, or so it was reported back to the instructor Wayne Ford after last night’s dry dive with ‘Adventures in Diving’ from Chelmsford.

Wayne Ford welcomed Sue and David Hirst, Joseph Roe, Kate Osgood, Veronica Rippon and Barry Leggett with bucket load of fluids, as we know 57% of DCI cases are down to dehydration.
The dry dive began in the unit with an orientation to the chamber and a discussion of what was going to happen. Topics covered include increased pressure, nitrogen narcosis, the bends and hyperbaric treatment.
Once ‘down’ everyone was able to feel the effects of pressure and nitrogen narcosis on their bodies and have a bit of a laugh at each other’s expense as well.
As usual there were many laughs but some valuable lessons were also learnt.
Anyone interested in taking part in a dry dive can contact us directly at the chamber on 020 8539 1222.