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Narked with Waterfront Scuba, what a dry dive.

Firstly, the staff at the chamber would like to thank Waterfront Scuba for allowing us to film their dry dive which will soon be released. Matthew Butcher did a great job with the logistics for the 16 enthusiastic and excited divers.

Once medical forms had been checked and signed, coffees in hand, the safety brief began. Barotrauma, Decompression Illness, Nitrogen narcosis, O2 Toxicity and the banned items were thoroughly explained while the worried faces looked on. If this was explained before every dive, we would think twice about getting in. The excitement was building up. The group was divided in to two; group one with Wayne Ford and group two with JP.

We were on our way to 40 metres. The temperature starts to rise, total movement was 12°C and then the fun and games begin. Various experiments were conducted at 40msw, showing air density, volume, gas bubbles drawn back into solution and finally the dreaded mental test. The famous lines: “I don’t get narked” followed by “I’m not narked”.  Well, let’s have a look at the results before that’s decided. The thermocline in the chamber as we went back to the surface was amazing. What a pleasure to dive with.

Group two, however, were in hysterics.  We could hear the laughter through four inches of steel!  They had a fantastic time too.

Congratulations to Matthew Butcher, Theresa and Jaspal Singh, Paul Eaton, Laura Jackson, Peter Matheson, Stephen Welch, Gary O’Brien, Mary Butcher, Lay Ong, D Bowdler, Jamie Shaw, Lesley Hedges and David Kendrick-White who all completed their PADI chamber awareness tickets.