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Dry Diving with the school with No Name

We would like to thank David Carty, for arranging for him and 7 fellow divers to come to the Divers Emergency Service HQ, based at Whipps Cross Hospital for a dry dive and look around the unit.

After a safety briefing and tour, the group went in the chamber and were taken down to 40 metres. As always, the squeaky voices and compulsory outfits combined with the effects of nitrogen narcosis had everybody smiling, although many serious facts were learnt at the same time.

After returning to the ‘surface’ everyone chatted about the changes to their voices, how they felt and the tests they had done at depth.

Everyone interacted on the bend watch, a few decompression lectures and videos and it was job done.

PADI Recompression Chamber Awareness tickets were handed out to: David Carty, Damon Offer, Judy Shanahan, Lisa Greenhalgh, Kyle Minter, Stan Minter, Darren Robb and David Hale.

We thank them for coming and hope to see them again soon.

Don’t forget, more details about dry dives are on our website under dry diving.