Two Lucky Turtles And A Fisherman

Whilst away on holiday one of our staff decided they would enter a fishing competition in Muscat Oman. Hiring a small fishing boat for the day, he set off with a beautiful blue sky and flat seas. After about 20 minutes of chugging away to get some depth, they came across a flock of birds’ dive bombing some baitfish near the surface and thought this had to be a good spot.  As he got closer he spotted something floating on the surface and made his way over.To his horror he discovered two turtles wrapped up tightly in an old discarded fishing net.  Underneath was a variety of very large fish. He quickly pulled the turtles up on to the deck and very carefully cut them free from the netting.

When will fishermen realise the damage they are caused by their discarded nets?

Karma worked well for our staff member.  After releasing the exhausted turtles he dropped in his lines and started pulling out large Dorado, which usually congregate under floating debris and feed on the small fish it attracts.  He went on to win the competition with them!  

So well done to Phil Sayers, for a job well done and on winning the competition!