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Our New Hyperbaric chamber operator and attendant course!


Learn the skills necessary and become a qualified medical chamber attendant and operator.

Accredited by the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technologists as an introductory course (a prerequisite for the Certified Hyperbaric Technologist (CHT) or Certified Hyperbaric Registered Nurse (CHRN)


Only 2 places’ in the country can offer this accreditation.

Its user friendly and you won’t need to take time off work as we run it at weekends!

Run over two consecutive weekends:    weekend 1) attendant   weekend 2) operator

Once confirmed on the course we will send you your pre learning materials and course information pack.

You can choose to do only one weekend if you wish and receive a qualification in either attending or operator.

Course will enable you to operate or attend a hyperbaric treatment within your level or training, this is a WORLDWIDE qualification. Covers all aspects of the theory requirements for the education of nurses, operators and technicians in hyperbaric facilities

This is an excellent course for divers wishing to look at a new career, or part time career, or first step for a medical professional into hyperbaric world of medicine.


Training includes:

  • Physics and Physiology.
  • Conditions that can be treated with hyperbaric oxygen.
  • Decompression Theory.
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Safety.
  • Chamber Design and Construction.
  • Pipework and Valves.
  • Practical Chamber Operation and Dry Dives.
  • Emergency Procedures:  Dealing with emergencies inside and outside a chamber.
  • Treatment of DCI and Tables.
  • Documentation
  • Team Roles

Don’t worry if you have done some of it before (like the Physics!) as some of it is pre course learning!


Pre requisites:

Completed diving medical questionnaire or a current medical fitness to dive certificate

A first aid or resuscitation (basic life support) qualification

A keen interest in learning about diving and hyperbaric medicine



£250.00 per weekend (£300.00 if only completing one weekend)



Whipps Cross university hospital Hyperbaric unit

Dates: Attendant course 22.09.2012 – 23.09.2012 Operator course 29.09.2012 – 30.09.2012

Contact us for more information. training@londonhyperbaric.com