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Everything we need to know and more.

Everything we need to know and more.

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This book will enable divers to have a better understanding of some of the medical problem and illness associated with diving. After reading this book you will be able to fully recognise each of the individual conditions and have a clear understanding of the best action to take in the event of decompression illness.

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[item] For all levels of experience from novice to instructor [/item]
[item] Topics explained in a clear non-medical language [/item]
[item] Guide to initial treatment and first aid [/item]
[item] Includes emergency action charts [/item]
[item] Recompression tables [/item]

[quote style=”dark” author=”John Liddiard – Diver Magazine”] A Simple Guide to Decompression Illness sorts it all out in one short booklet. It offers everything we need to know and more, in terms any diver can understand.


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[featured icon_size=”xl” image=”” title=”About The Author” subtitle=”Lee Griffiths” icon_color=”#6595bf” icon=”user-1″] Lee Griffiths has extensive experience working in the diving and hyperbaric industry. His positions held include Diving Safety Manager and Diving Accident Facility Manager. In 2003 he won an award for Improving Diving Safety in South East Asia by the Divers Alert Network (DAN). He currently works at London Hyperbaric Medicine, Whipps Cross University Hospital. [/featured]