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Dry Diving With St Ives and Bramston Sub-Aqua Clubs

The St Ives and Bramston Sub-Aqua Clubs recently attended one of the Dry Diving sessions at our Hyperbaric Chamber in London. And they kindly made the following report of their day: A Dive to 40m with Ocean Divers in East London! Our branch, St Ives SAC (Cambs) 0833, and Bramston SAC attended a Dry Dive […]

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5 Minute Neurological Exam

Any diver can follow this 5 minute Neuro                     Orientation.–  Does the diver know name and age? Location? What time, day and year it is? Note: even though the diver appears alert, the answers to the question may reveal confusion, so do not omit them.     […]

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What Will the Doctor Do?

Diagnosing decompression illness Whether you’re exploring Australia’s coral reefs, drifting through warm Caribbean waters or diving into a crisp Canadian lake, nothing puts a damper on a dive vacation quite like a trip to the emergency room (ER). Anxiety and uncertainty accompany most illnesses and injuries — from cuts that need stitches to more serious […]

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Two weeks in the Red Sea, February 2014

Mattijn’s dive blog – two weeks in the Red Sea, February 2014   Despite the recent political unrest, the Red Sea is still a good place for recreational and technical diving. It’s close to home, cheap and warm! Up till now there has been no violence in the Red Sea towns. Let’s keep our fingers […]


London Dive Show 2014

1 Ticket, 4 Shows – Book Now and SAVE!  Stand 280 Book online now and SAVE £4 per ticket. Advance tickets cost just £16.00, instead of £20.00 on the door. Under 16s accompanied by adults FREE. Normal ticket price: Adults £20.00. Under 16s accompanied by adults FREE. No refunds. Your purchase includes a voucher to use […]

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Taravana: Can free divers get bent?

The classic study by Cross in 1965 looked at Polynesian island natives of the Tuamotu Archipelago,who habitually free dive many times in quick succession, usually for food or pearls and may make 40 to 60 dives a day to 30 or 40 metres. Taravana means to ‘fall crazily’ and his report listed 35 male divers. […]



  To come up with guidelines for scuba diving safety, the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) in the past decade conducted a study analyzing a database of incidents for a period of 12 years covering 1st January 1998 to 31st December 2009 (UK Diving Fatalities Review – BSAC). These incidents were categorized and ranked according to […]

Free Diving vs. Scuba Diving

Is there really a difference between free diving and scuba diving? While both sports deal with exploring the underwater world, there is a significant difference between the two. Goal of the Sport Free diving is a sport often associated with the objective of achieving a personal best on depth or dive time. Its stress is […]

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Dangerous Marine Life 2

CONE SHELLS Cone shells or snails have attractive shells, and may be picked up by children or visitors to the reef who may be unaware of the danger. The cones possess a detachable, dart-like tooth, with venom that can cause sustained muscle contractions, numbness and weakness. Symptoms: Small puncture wound with localized blanching, cyanosis and […]