How Good Is Your Emergency Plan?

26th August 2015/by wayne

Wayne Ford Chamber Supervisor.

31st October 2014/by wayne

Dry Diving With St Ives and Bramston Sub-Aqua Clubs

23rd September 2014/by appshine

Multi-agency training day

21st August 2014/by wayne

10 Best Scuba Diving Destinations

26th June 2014/by wayne

Seasickness, how to over come it.

23rd May 2014/by wayne

Infographic How, When and Where Sharks Attack

9th May 2014/by wayne

5 Minute Neurological Exam

17th April 2014/by appshine

What Will the Doctor Do?

20th March 2014/by appshine

Two weeks in the Red Sea, February 2014

12th March 2014/by appshine

London Dive Show 2014

5th February 2014/by appshine


22nd January 2014/by wayne

Second Giant Sea Creature Washes Ashore

9th January 2014/by wayne

Taravana: Can free divers get bent?

4th December 2013/by appshine


14th November 2013/by appshine

Free Diving vs. Scuba Diving

3rd November 2013/by appshine

Dangerous Marine Life 2

31st October 2013/by appshine

Diving and Social Media Sites

30th October 2013/by appshine

Cool Diving Apps For Your Mobile

23rd October 2013/by appshine

Tips for Reducing Pre-dive Nervousness

11th October 2013/by appshine


3rd October 2013/by appshine


13th September 2013/by appshine

Dangerous Marine Life

9th August 2013/by appshine

Decompression Modelling

17th June 2013/by appshine

Oxygen Toxicity: Too much of a good thing.

10th June 2013/by appshine

Flying after diving and flying after recompression

3rd June 2013/by appshine

Clearing your Ears In Water and Other Pressurised Environments.

25th February 2013/by appshine

The History of Diving Chambers

13th February 2013/by appshine

‘Cutaneous Manifestations of Decompression Illness’ Also known as ‘Skin Bends’

8th February 2013/by appshine


8th January 2013/by appshine

ASTHMA: Why Can I Not Dive?

15th November 2012/by appshine

New release: Baltic Gold written by Phillip Sayers

9th October 2012/by appshine

HSE Scuba Chamber Orientation Course

30th July 2012/by appshine


27th July 2012/by appshine

Our New Hyperbaric chamber operator and attendant course!

8th June 2012/by appshine

Two Lucky Turtles And A Fisherman

29th May 2012/by appshine

Dry Diving with the school with No Name

9th May 2012/by appshine

Narked with Waterfront Scuba, what a dry dive.

3rd May 2012/by appshine

Undeserved hits

25th April 2012/by appshine

Adventures in Diving from Chelmsford Dry Dive – Hyperbaric Chamber Apr 2012

12th April 2012/by appshine

Competition Winner of Dive 2012 is Announced !

4th April 2012/by appshine

Diving doctor : Hypothermia and diving from Sportdiver magazine

20th March 2012/by appshine

Haslemere sub aqua club….. Part of the SAA. Based in Haslemere just south of Guildford.

16th March 2012/by appshine

Dry diving with In2Scuba at the Hyperbaric Chamber

27th February 2012/by appshine

Aquapigs Dry Dive – Hyperbaric Chamber Feb 2012

13th February 2012/by appshine

Dry dive in the Hyperbaric Chamber Jan 2012

31st January 2012/by appshine

Diving Doctor – A look at Weil’s Disease

25th January 2012/by appshine

Diving Doctor – Diving with Asthma

3rd January 2012/by appshine

Competition winner from DIVE 2011 announced!

23rd November 2011/by appshine

Dry Dive November 2011

23rd November 2011/by appshine

DIVE 2011 Birmingham Dive Show

24th October 2011/by appshine

Diving Doctor Oliver Sykes on Skin Bends

18th October 2011/by appshine

Skin Bend Image and Information Bank

27th September 2011/by appshine

DAN Instructor Trainer gains experience at our London Recompression Chamber

21st September 2011/by appshine

Diving Doctor – Oxygen Toxicity : Too much of a good thing?

21st September 2011/by appshine

Diving Doctor – Ear Clearing published in Sportdiver magazine May issue

24th June 2011/by appshine

Diving Doctor – diving medical advice on ear clearing techniques for diving

13th June 2011/by appshine

Diving Doctor – Doctor Oliver looks at the DAN report in the April issue of Sportdiver

4th May 2011/by appshine

Helicopter assistance from Divers Emergency Service

3rd May 2011/by appshine

First Hydrotherapy Discover Scuba Diving Session

13th April 2011/by appshine

Orca dry dive last weekend

13th April 2011/by appshine

Divers Emergency Service Recommendations, post Decompression Illness

11th April 2011/by appshine

Virgin Oceanic sub to explore the deep

7th April 2011/by appshine

Underwater photographer wins iPod at dive show

1st April 2011/by appshine

LIDS is over for another year!

31st March 2011/by appshine

Diving Doctor – Dr Oliver talks seasickness in the March issue of Sportdiver

10th March 2011/by appshine

Pioneer Diver Dies

24th February 2011/by appshine

Dive Leader wins iPod

22nd February 2011/by appshine

Dive Show Success at Olympia!

21st February 2011/by appshine

Dry Dives

14th February 2011/by appshine

Divers urged to support anti-shark finning campaign

3rd February 2011/by appshine

Red Sea Tourism News

31st January 2011/by appshine

Divers Emergency Service exhibiting at Big Scuba Show

31st January 2011/by appshine

Introducing the new Sportdiver magazine Diving Doctor

26th January 2011/by appshine

Hyperbaric Chamber

8th March 2010/by appshine

Hello world!

4th March 2010/by appshine